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Current System Status

Hi everyone!

The team at Luminarae would like to share our current system of the first orders to reduce confusion. The way we plan of setting up the first orders is buy a group order system where people place their orders in a specific time frame, we use that money to buy the product and then it ships out. This is due to the very small brand we have right now, and limited inventory. To continue, current shipping rates apply after the pre-order window has completed. Thus, all dates that our carriers provide do not apply; however if you choose next day or ground, the shipping times that they have will apply once shipped. We thank you for your cooperation and paitence as this brand grows.

- Luminarae Clothing

  • Next Day Shipping

    When products finish the pre-order schedule, we offer next day air shipping to all of our U.S customers delivering quality garmets in due time.

  • 100% Recyclable Packaging

    We at the team of Luminarae Clothing strive to deliver 100% recyclable packaging, and sustainable delivery ensuring you with quality without the cost of our planet.

  • Free Stickers

    In every package, we deliver free computer, waterbottle, phone stickers for you as a gift for ordering our products. Every package, no matter the size.

Meet the Team

This clothing company is a trio brand created by three high schoolers: Sandeep Sawhney, Krish Maheshwari, and Sharath Venkatesan. Based in NYC, we pride ourselves on streetwear and comfort clothing. Luminarae: Feed the Soul.